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The individuals listed below are DFWLRC’s full and active members who have requested to have their information posted on our public listing.   Please remember that this is not a full member list and your information can be added, deleted or edited by sending an email to webmaster at any time.

Sherry Anderson
Sher-Mi Labradors
Elizabeth Arellano

Leeda Dundale
Bournhall Labradors
Lois Durkin
Yellowtale Labradors


Barbara Eberhardt
6006 Club Oaks Drive
Dallas, TX 75248
Carrie Eberhardt
LegaSea Labradors
Kim Livingston
Briarglen Labradors
 Susan Malone
BearPaw Labradors
Rick & Sherry Rhoads
Kay Scott
Yellow Rose Labradors
 Susan & Dan Yates
Rebel Land Labradors

The members listed above are in good standing with the DFWLRC; however, the DFWLRC neither guarantees the puppies nor the services of said members. Buyers should review any contracts and/or guarantees with the member when purchasing a puppy. It is suggested that any potential puppy buyer request a verification of all health clearances on the sire and dam of a litter when considering a purchase.